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Bollywood Actresses in Sarees – Latest Styles to Get Inspired


Sarees are grace personified! And when we see our favorite Bollywood actresses in sarees, we just can’t stop admiring them all over again. Take a look at the most beautiful designer sarees worn by your favorite actresses recently and made them a hot trend!

Bollywood Actresses in Sarees – Top 10 Moments!

When you look at the divas wearing those gorgeous drapes with swag that you wish was yours, we are sure you fantasize about wearing similar sarees and looking equally ravishing. If you don’t, we are sure the next few images of Bollywood actresses in sarees will convince you to get a saree for yourself to bring out the Diva in you!

#1 Flavour of Summer – Peach Passion

Soft colors are a favorite of our Bollywood queens. From Sridevi to Deepika everyone owns and adorns it. The color brings out the golden skin tone and suits beautifully to Indian skin color.

bollywood actresses in sarees

Pro Tip: Style your Peach colored Saree with gold ornaments – you can try temple jewelry as one of the many options to wear with it.

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#2 All-Time Favourite – Dashing Black

Black is our favorite for whatever the occasion be, whatever the season be. Black is never out of trend. And our lovely Bollywood actresses adorn this color glorifying its beauty. When Black chiffon saree is picked up for an occasion, it can never go wrong. These images of Bollywood actresses in sarees will truely steal your heart.  

bollywood actress in saree

Pro Tip: Wear silver jewelry with this color and it will bring out the depth of the color black.

#3 Artfully Tasty- Pinkalicious!

Pink is the soft feminine shade that every woman owns in some or the other form. Embracing the lovely pink brings out the softness within you. We see Bollywood actresses in sarees and wearing pink sarees in a lot of events and looking drop dead gorgeous! Own the look for yourself!

images of bollywood actresses in sarees

Pro Tip: Wear a delicate ruby set with Pink and look stunning!

#4 Made in India – Handloom Sarees

Handloom Sarees are so loved by everyone that you may spot your favorite actress wearing it for sure. The grace and elegance brought with handloom sarees are incomparable! The simplicity of handloom sarees is eye-catching!

pictures of bollywood actresses in sarees

Pro Tip: Wear it with polki jewelry and look like a princess straight from a fairy tale!

#5 Serenity Ahead – Worthy White!

Whites and Ivory are soothing and serene. White can be draped for joyous and mournful occasions. But why talk about sadness! Pick a lovely white saree for the next occasion and sizzle with its hotness factor!

pics of bollywood actresses in sarees

Pro Tip: Pair this type of Bollywood saree with a Blue Opal necklace and let it make you shine

#6 Waltzing all the way to our hearts – Lovely Leheriya

Oh! If you thought leheriya is way too traditional for our bolly queens, you were definitely wrong. From Rani Mukherjee, Sonam Kapoor to Alia Bhatt and Shilpa Shetty, you can spot them all flaunting their love for leheriya. It adds just the right amount of color to any occasion.

bollywood actresses in saree

Pro Tip: Style it with a Pearl set to make the statement bold enough

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#7 Aesthetically Pleasing – Alluring Aqua

This color is so amiable to the lighting and flashes that it would only up your beauty by a notch or two in the photos and events. Never lets you down, aqua stands by to become a perfect cocktail wear. Own it and you will never regret it!

bollywood actresses sarees

Pro Tip: Wear it with some delicate diamond jewelry and it will make you look ravishing!

#8 Plundering our hearts – Half and Half

Whatever be the combination, once this fashion was introduced to the world, it never looked back! The gorgeous half and half sarees has added to the beauty of sarees and made them all the more fascinating.

bollywood actresses in sarees 2018

Pro Tip: Wear it with some light gold jewelry and flaunt dashingly like these bollywood actresses in sarees. 

#9 Reinstating our faith – Ravishing Red

There is nothing better than a sizzling shimmering hot red saree to set the place on fire! And that’s why you see your divas adorning red in one form or the other. But when they appear in a  Red Saree, you can’t just tear your eyes away from them, can you? That’s how powerful Red’s persona is!

bollywood actresses in sarees

#10 Sparkling in the Eyes – Beige Brigade

Beige and gold have been shimmering and sparkling on every event. Just because of the lovely tinge this color gives out, it is a favorite of most of the designers. Take a look and you will be mesmerized by its simplicity and beauty!

bollywood actresses in sarees photos

Pro Tip: Wear Tourmalines of any color to complement each other’s color.

And now that we have jotted down the best options worn by your favorite actresses, you can always try those options for yourself!

Look as elegant, sexy and stylish as these Bollywood actresses and own the look!

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