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Different Ways of Draping a Saree – Latest Styles!


Today we are showcasing 10 different styles to wear a saree, The Indian ethnic attire called saree is indeed one of the most graceful dresses for any woman! This is one garment that looks extremely amazing on any woman regardless of the different physical features like height, weight, complexion, etc. A saree can be worn in many styles. Here, we share some of the most fantastic ways of draping a saree. If you are looking for styles of draping a saree in a wedding, we are sure, you would be able to pick a few choices from our collection. So, get, set and go as we reveal beautiful and different ways of draping a saree.

But if You don’t know how to wear a saree and want to know step by step method of wearing a saree follow the link given.

10 Different Ways of Draping a Saree

The Nivi Style of Draping a Saree

ways of draping a saree

One of the most common yet popular ways of draping a saree is to tie it in the Nivi style. In this style, the saree is draped gracefully with few pleats in the front and the pallu or the drape is neatly pleated on the shoulder with the help of a brooch or pin. This style is most suitable for office going women. 

The Bengali Drape

different ways of draping a saree

Bengali saree drape is a very graceful choice for women who are looking for elegant ways of draping a saree. This drape is definitely time-consuming but once you have done it, you will definitely agree that it is worth the time! The most essential requirement for the Bengali draping is that the saree should be quite long, say, almost 9 yards. Also, when you are trying the Bengali styles of draping a saree in wedding, make sure that your saree contains a nice embellished border as in this type of drape, the saree border can be flaunted in a wonderful way!


The Dhoti Style

styles of draping a saree in weddings

If you have already tried different ways of draping a saree and looking for a unique Indo-western saree drape, you can try the dhoti style of draping a saree. This drape is not as difficult as it looks because you simply tuck in the saree in dhoti way with the help of dhoti pants.

The Open Pallu Style

ways of draping sarees

Many different ways of tying a saree can have few similarities. For example, the open pallu drape looks much like the Nivi style with the only difference that the pallu spreads beautifully in an all-open form on your shoulder. If you want to try some different styles of draping a net saree, you can try the open pallu drape as net fabric looks great when being tried this way!

The Mermaid Style of Draping a Saree

different ways of tying a saree

The mermaid draping style of saree includes a closed fitting drape at the waist while the bottom brings a voluminous look. You can tie this drape in an easy way. The mermaid drape looks awesome on well maintained and slim bodies.

The Maharashtrian Style of Draping a Saree

different ways of draping a saree in different styles

One of the purest forms of wearing a saree in a true Indian style is to wear it in the Maharashtrian way! This drape is a combination of Nivi and dhoti saree drapes. The Maharashtrian drape gives you both comfort and grace. Th drape is tied like a dhoti wherein you find free leg movement. The pallu stays intact at the waist with the help of a ‘tagdi’ or a waist belt. You can try this unique and evergreen drape during the festive or celebration time.

Mumtaz Retro Draping Style

different saree draping styles

This saree drape is inspired by the classic Bollywood actress of the golden era – Mumtaz. She had her own style of wearing a saree and because of her, this drape came to be popularly known as the Mumtaz drape. This drape requires a saree with a sleek border, say, 2-3 inches. The drape consists of multiple wraps that circle below your wrist in a beautiful manner. Th multi-wrapping gives full opportunity to show off the beautiful border of your saree.

Classic Kerala Drape

how to drape a saree in different ways

South Indian sarees, as well as the South Indian saree drapes are quite popular all over the world. The Kerala drape is also known as the Neriyathumhe Mundu drape. This drape can be done in two ways. You can try the front single pleat style or you can go for the one that consists of wraping the saree around your body and tucking it behind your back. In the second style, the pallu does not cover the shoulder area.


Gujarati Way of Draping a Saree

different ways of draping a saree

If you have a heavy, embellished and rich looking border, the Gujarati drape can help you show the same perfectly. In the Gujarati drape, the pallu comes in the front and falls beautifully under one shoulder. You get to spread the pallu in a nice way when you opt for the Gujarati drape.

Lehenga Style Saree Draping

saree styles

Let us now present one of the traditional ways of draping a saree! It is the lehenga style saree drape. Just as the name suggests, the lehenga saree drape involves wearing a saree in such a way that it actually looks like a lehenga. The one side of pallu is tucked in the waist and another fold is taken in an overlapping form. The fold that overlaps comes above the shoulder and becomes the main pallu in lehenga style saree drape.

A little practice can give the right knowledge on various ways of draping a saree. Also, read about How to wear saree to look slim. Get extraordinary and stunning sarees at Vasansi and try different drapes of your choice!

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