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Latkan Designs for Lehenga Choli


Sometimes a simple creative twist can make your lehenga look extremely beautiful. A latkan for lehenga is an easy way to add a rich look to any lehenga. You can transform the entire look of any ordinary lehenga by adding a heavy latkan for lehenga in it. You can also pick a unique latkan or tassel for your wedding lehenga as there is a huge variety available in the latkan designs. Be it the latkan designs for the blouse, latkan designs for suits or latkan designs for lehengas, the fact remains the same that latkans are an amazing and easy way to accentuate the look of your attire. Here we present a beautiful collection of latest latkan designs that will look perfect on your lehenga.

Latest Latkan for Lehenga, Suits, and Sarees

#1 Lehenga Latkans with Gota Patti

latkans for lehenga

A latkan for lehenga is almost incomplete without the touch of ethnicity in it! Gota Patti is a traditional and rich work that is used creatively nowadays, for making beautiful latkans for lehenga.

#2 Gold-Finish Lehenga Latkans

latkans for lehenga choli

Gold finish lehenga latkans add a rich look to any lehenga. You can get an amazing latkan for lehenga choli and can enhance the beauty of your attire in an easy way, anytime!

#3 Pure Ethnic Lehenga Latkans

latest latkans for lehenga

When it comes to choosing latkan designs, the choices are many! You can try an Ethnic pattern latkan for lehenga and can also explore the wide variety of latkan designs for blouse as well lehenga that matches your dressing taste.

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#4 Heavy Latkans from Beads, Zari Threads and Gemstones

latkan designs for lehenga

Make your lehenga look extremely gorgeous and heavily embellished by choosing a heavy latkan for lehenga. The heavy latkan for lehenga often comes with a combo of beads, zari threads, sequins and even gemstones. The latest latkan designs will give you varied choices in form of beautiful latkans for lehenga, saree, lehenga choli, dupatta and many more!

#5 Lotus Lehenga Latkans

latkan designs for suits

One of the latest patterns in latkan for lehenga choli includes the exquisite floral patterns that come in  rich variety. You can choose the latkan designs in form of lotus latkans, rose latkans, leafy latkans and many more!

#6 Tassels with Mirrors

saree latkan designs

The mirrors are back in the fashion world! This age-old use of mirrors as embellishments is winning the hearts of women all over the world. Today, you can find the shimmering mirror latkan for lehenga in different shapes. Try the round shaped mirror tassels or latkans for lehenga and look truly beautiful in your enthralling style.

#7 Kaleere Latkans for Lehenga

heavy latkan for lehenga

Indian bridal looks are almost incomplete without kaleere! So how can the trend of latkans remain untouched by it! Well, the kaleere latkans give you a pure Indian bridal look and make you feel and look unique on your grand wedding day.

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#8 Golden Jhumka Latkans for Lehenga

latkan in lehenga

The jhumka latkans have been named after the jhumkas or earrings as these latkans are truly inspired from the jhumkas. The round shaped jhumka latkans look great when finished in golden color.

#9 Traditional Elephant Latkans

latest latkans

The figurine latkans for lehenga look very charming. You can give a trendy look to your lehenga by adding figurine latkans that might include the elephants, peacocks, swans, etc! Apart from lehenga, such latkan designs for blouse also look very stunning.

#10 Fringed Latkans for Lehenga

latlan for lehenga choli

The latest latkan designs also include the fringed tassels for lehenga. Looking very delicate and attractive, the fringed latkans can be found in a variety of colors. You can find pretty beads, silk threads and colorful pearls in such latkans for lehenga.

#11 Golden Beaded Latkans for Lehenga

heavy latkan designs

The beauty of golden beaded latkans is simply matchless. Adding such latkans to your lehenga simply means that you are increasing the look of your lehenga to the next level!

#12 Combo of Beads & Mirrors

designer latkan for lehenga

Get a pure Indian princess look by getting an enchanting latkan that consists of beads and mirrors. Glittering with the shine of mirrors and encasing the beauty of beads, such latkan designs will turn many heads towards you!

#13 Elegant Looking Floral Latkans

long latkan for lehenga

Walk gracefully in your lehenga that contains elegant latkans. Consisting of light shaded fabric and minimal accessories, the elegant latkans have their own magnificence and charm when added to any lehenga.

#14 Blue & Golden Latkans

big latkan for lehenga

Many ladies wish to get perfectly matching tassels for their lehengas. It is a delightful fact that a latkan for lehenga can be found in multiple single colors like blue, yellow, magenta, green, etc. However, the monochromatic theme in latkans looks great along with a dash of golden hue that can be added through golden beads, golden wires or golden chains.

#15 Grape Style Latkans

side latlkan for lehenga

Grape style latkans are bunches of beads that are tied up together in a latkan to form a grape pattern. Such latkans make your lehenga look very attractive. Mostly the grape latkans come in an amalgamation of beads and tiny diamonds that enhance the shimmering factor of your lehenga.

#16 Pretty Pom Pom Tassels

latlkan for bridal lehenga

Pom pom tassels look very pretty on lehenga. The best feature of these tassels is that they do not add weight to your lehenga and you can flaunt them easily without any worries!

#17 Tassels with Beads & Fringes

designer latkan for lehengas

The combination of beads and fringes make a beautiful latkan for lehenga. The beads-and-fringes latkans can be found in golden, silver, yellow, pink and many other colors also. Choose a color that perfectly compliments your lehenga shade.

#18 Latkans with Added Embellishments

latest latkan designs

Lehenga tassels with additional embellishments give a heavy look to your lehenga. If you love this style in latkan for lehenga, check out the extensive range of latkans that include embellishments in form of flowers, figures, lucky charms, etc.

#19 Latkans with Abstract Patterns

best latkan for lehenga

Women who crave to get a unique latkan for lehenga can try the latest trend of latkans with abstract patterns. The different vague shapes in such latkans look quite matchless and make your lehenga-choli-look stand out from the crowd!

#20 Beautiful Golden Beaded Tassels

latest designs of lehenga latkans

If you are looking for creative and latest latkan designs, the latkans with golden beads will give you a vast range to explore and choose! The golden beady tassels add the required touch of shimmer and festivity to your lehenga.

Get engrossed in the beautiful world of latkans! Here, every latkan or tassel will leave you breathless with its own unique and rich design.

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