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Bridal Lehengas for Short Height Girls

Bridal lehengas for short height girls has always been a topic of discussion. Have you always been the shorty of the group? The one who would be nicknamed ‘cute-sized’ by almost everyone? Always have to wear at least 4 or


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5 Best Designer Saree Color Combinations Buzzing this Season

Designer Sarees – A piece of creativity of a designer where a lot of combinations are tried and tested. If you are bored of the regular saree color combinations reds, pinks etc., we bring you refreshing and amazing color combinations


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7 Silk Saree Designs- You Will Definitely Gush Over

Today, we are showcasing 7 Silk Saree Designs that will steal your heart for sure!! Silk – The queen of fabric! The never out of fashion material! The evergreen and most lovable fabric of all! No fabric can match the


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Different Types of Indian Dresses for Women

Different types of Indian dresses are popular worldwide for their extra ordinary charm and elegance. While working with my onshore counterparts, I have observed that there is a lot of curiosity amongst them about India – its culture, traditions, geography


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8 Red Sarees by Vasansi to Sizzle in Festivities

When it is about wearing Red Sarees, no weather or festive occasion is inappropriate. When red walks in, it lifts up the mood of the entire group! Red is the color no one can go wrong with! Wear it in