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Pocket Square Colors That Looks Good on every Outfit


You might be searching for universal pocket square colors for your wardrobe because nowadays, Pocket Squares are the most sought-after designs to complete any outfit like the jacket, sherwani, suits, etc. But it’s a really difficult task to match the pocket square color with a tie or with the shirt you are wearing. Also, the question which is generally asked by the people is that, why to wear a pocket square every time? What is the good with Pocket Square? The answer is quite simple. Get into the habit to wear a pocket square regularly and experience the change yourself.

Another question which arises is that What color should pocket square be or How to match the pocket square color? So, for this, we have provided the complete Pocket Square Color Guide that exactly tells you about best pocket square color for any specific outfit.

Pocket Square Colors to Wear on Any Color Dress

#1 Dark Blue with Multicolor Shades Pocket Square

pocket square Colors

This dark blue pocket square by Vasansi is made up from pure silk fabric. On this dark blue color pocket square, you also get the multicolor shades, which makes it optimal to be worn with many color combinations. As the primary color of this Pocket Square is blue, so, we can best match it with powder blue, midnight blue, green-blue or green-violet color shirt/ tie.

#2 Off-white Pure Silk Pocket Square

pocket square colors 2

This off-white color Pocket Square has a little light blue color shade. Go for this pocket square as it perfectly fits with a shirt/ tie of red, orange, blue, pink, salmon, blue-violet, white, olive color. Also, this material is made up of pure silk fabric, which makes it a skin-friendly deal.

#3 Pocket Square with White Yellow Blue Color Combination

pocket square colors

Pocket square with multiple color shades makes it compatible to look good on multiple color combinations. So, the pocket square with the color combination of white, yellow, blue will look good on yellow, mustard, yellow-orange, yellow-green, bluish violet, bluish green, white color of shirts/ tie.

#4 Rose Color Pocket Square

pocket square colors

Pocket Square with pure silk fabric and that too in the rose color is the color for the dark color dresses. Most of the dark color dresses will get well with this pocket square. The best color suits/ shirts for this pocket square are black, olive, midnight blue, Maroon, Red, Grey, White. Navy blue color suit will also be an ideal choice for this pocket square.

#5 Yellow Pocket Square With Brown Color Strips

pocket square colors

This yellow color pocket square is made up of pure silk fabric. Yellow color gets well with light color shirts. So, if you are having shirt/ suit/ tie of mustard, yellowish green, yellowish orange, orange, red, blue, bluish violet color, then you should definitely buy this pocket square.

#6 Blue Color Pocket Square

pocket square colors

A pocket square of blue color will be great matching for shirt/ tie of color like violet, lavender, plum, pink, orange, salmon, yellow, olive, mint. Also, if you put this color pocket square around the neck, it will provide you a charming look. The fabric used in the manufacture of this material is pure silk.

#7 Green with Purple and Blue Color Shade Pocket Square

pocket square colors

This pure silk fabric is the perfect piece to have when it comes to appearing unique. The multiple color shading on this pocket square color makes it look suitable on different matching apparels. The matching shirts/ suits with this pocket square are Olive, Green, Blue, Midnight Blue, Violet, Lavender, Maroon, Plum.

So, get one or two pocket square colors from the collection and share your experience in the comment section. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Keep visiting.

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