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Salwar Suit Neck Designs Catalogue 2018


Hey ladies! If you are tired of finding same old neck designs for your salwar suits and looking for some latest salwar suit neck designs collection then you just landed on the perfect place!!

Latest Salwar Suit Neck Designs of 2018

Simple V-Neck with Front Buttoned & Amazing Gota Patti Work

salwar suit neck designs

The love for a plain kurti with an itsy- bitsy of shimmering work can never die from a woman’s heart! The simple V-neckline gives you lot of opportunities to well decor your neck design in a nice way. You can use the very graceful gota patti work to adorn the neck area. Also, adding buttons in the front along with a V-neck design will give your kurti a comfortable and stylish touch.

Sleek Plunged Neck Design with Mandarin Collar

salwar suit neck design

Mandarin collars always look smart in form of a kurta. Adding a plunged neck design with this collar means you are simply making your kurta even more comfortable. The plunged neckline can be left plain or can be embellished in a sophisticated style through thread work.

Queen Anne Scoop Neckline

latest salwar suit neck designs

Be it about the Patiala salwar suit neck designs, printed salwar suit neck designs or just the stylish salwar suit front neck designs, the Queen Anne scoop neckline can never be ignored. This neckline gives an amazing appeal to your neck area with a smart strip that circles around your neck. You can also combine the scoop neckline with a fabulous back neck design to complete your look.  

Smart Yoke Neck Design

punjabi salwar suit neck designs

Attaching a yoke to your long kurti means enhancing the beauty factor and is perfect for office wear kurtis. You can get pre-customized fashionable yoke patterns or you can get one prepared from the fabric of your salwar kameez suit material. The yoke and sleeves, when made of same material give a great look to your suit. Such yoke patterned salwar suit front neck designs can be tried in a large variety of suits including the Anarkali suits, A-line suits, straight kurti suits and other varieties.

Salwar Suit Neck Design with Piping

salwar suit neck design catalog

If you are in search of printed salwar suit neck designs or salwar kameez neck designs with border, you can try the piping pattern in neck designs. The piping can be used to create beautiful neck patterns that look very creative on printed, embroidered and even plain salwar kameez.

Embroidered Neck Design

salwar suit neck designs catalogue

Embroidery plays a great role in various salwar suit neck designs. The creative and varied embroidered neck patterns can be used in Patiala salwar suit neck designs, printed salwar suit neck designs and even in the back neck designs of salwar suit. The salwar kameez neck embroidery designs mostly cover the neckline area where they begin from the top and covers the way towards your torso. However, you can limit the embroidery flow as per your wish.

Beautiful Neck Design with Front Dori Pattern

salwar suit neck design catalogue

The front dori patterns are quite popular in salwar suit neck designs. In the dori neck designs, the dori is attached and tied in the front along with a nice opening that is often round shaped or oval shaped. Such neck patterns look great in festive kind of suits.

Smart Collared Neck Design

salwar kameez neck designs

Get a smart look for your kurti by trying a plain collar that sits beautifully around the neckline. You can add a sleek standing collar to the V-shaped necklines as well as the round shaped necklines. Adding few buttons to the collar neck designs will make your kurti look even smarter and more attractive.

The Combo of Collars & Angrakha Style

salwar suit neck designs for stiching

The angrakha style looks great in any kurti! You can try this ethnic pattern along with a collared neck design where the collars get connected to the angrakha pattern in a smooth way. The lining of tiny cotton buttons will help highlight the whole neck pattern.

Punjabi Salwar Suit Neck Design

salwar suit neck designs latest

The Punjabi salwar suit neck designs often consist of rich embroidered patterns. The colorful threads create a long flowy pattern from neckline to waist. Adding the silver or golden threads in embroidery will help create rich looking Patiala salwar suit neck designs. The salwar kameez neck embroidery designs can be weaved using silk threads, cotton threads, nylon threads and rich zari threads too.

Neck Design with a Back Dori & Creative Front See-Through Pattern

images of salwar suit neck designs

Enhance your feminine beauty by adding a Dori in the back of your neck design. Also, try beautiful golden tassels that are available in a large variety. Create a unique see-through front neck pattern which looks like a small net. The see-through neck patterns along with a rich tassel at back can give an amazing look to your kurti.

Neck Design with Front Buttons

salwar suit neck designs images

One of the forever-hit salwar suit neck designs is the front button pattern. The sleek line of buttons begin closely from your neck and ends just above your waist. Such buttoned neck patterns are an ideal pattern for your formal salwar suits. This type of neck design looks perfect with long kurti with front cut!!


Closed Neckline with Embellished Work

salwar suit neck designs pinterest

If you are looking for a royal and rich looking neck pattern for your salwar kameez or churidar suit, you can try the closed neckline with a richly embellished pattern. The heavy zari work embroidery or silver thread work around the closed neckline will give an aristocratic look to your kurti. Try such neck patterns in festive, party or wedding salwar suits.  

The Triangular Piping Neck Patterns

salwar suit neck designs with piping

The triangular piping is very much in fashion these days! Such piping is mostly used in salwar kameez with contrast color combination. The triangular piping used in such neck patterns is done in a color that creates a contrast effect for the rest of the kurti.

Halter Neck Pattern with Bow and Strips

best salwar suit neck designs

The halter neck patterns can get a beautiful touch with the inclusion of strips, laces or bows. Such adorned halter necks look very catchy in salwar suit neck designs.

Overlay Neck Pattern

best salwar suit neck design

The overlaid salwar suit neck designs are created using double fabrics wherein one piece of fabric lies beneath the other one which encases a beautiful cutout pattern.

Double-Layered See-through Neck Design

latest salwar suit neck design

The double-layered see-through neck designs look great in salwar kameez. Such neck patterns include the same see-through design twice around the neckline. This Salwar kameez neck design will give you an indo western kurti look. 

Get an amazing look for your salwar suit by adding it up with unique neck design. Check out Vasansi which showcases marvelous women wear including salwar suits with adorable neck patterns!


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