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Latest Saree Blouse Designs Back and Front- 2018


If you are the saree lover or saree wearer, you know the struggles to wear it and look exquisite all the same. The elegance that the six-yard drape provides is beyond words. It is one thing to wear it but another to prep for it. A saree or lehenga for that matter looks beautiful when it is worn with style and grace.

Not just the dupatta draping or the pallu draping style but there is one more important part of the whole prep process and that is  – blouse design. It is a make or break deal with the blouse designs. If the blouse is designed and stitched and fits perfectly, half the battle is won!

We bring the latest saree blouse designs that you can take inspiration from:

Saree Blouse Designs Back and Front to Get Inspired From:

#1 High Neck Sheer Back Blouse with Unique Embroidery

Saree Blouse Designs

This one is a maggam saree blouse design for pattu sarees. The high neck blouse with plain front gives a glimpse of simplistic look before we take a look at the back and stay awed. The sheer back with intricate Kundan and zari embroidery of Lord Balaji leaves our mouth hanging and eyes widening in amazement of the beauty of this blouse.

A great pick for the bridal trousseau.

#2 Deep Neck Design with Three Fourth Sleeves

saree blouse design for pattu

This one is a Sri Lanka bridal saree blouse design. Even though it is simple in design but the look is royal just what a bride is. The deep neckline gives a trendy look and the three-fourth sleeves give a completely enchanting look with the small hint of the balloon sleeves at the shoulders.

Even though a vintage but a beautiful pick!

#3 Mughal Cut Out Blouse Design for Sarees or Lehengas

saree blouse design with net

This is a beautiful saree blouse pattern for weddings. Rectangular neck with cap sleeves of the embroidered material enhances the overall look. The sleeves are made of a different material which is an option good enough to be considered. The blouse is cut in such a way that the midriff is shown in a new way and looks elegant too.

 #4 Kutch Corset Blouse Design

saree blouse designs back and neck

This is a corset blouse with full sleeves is a wonderful option if you don’t like showing off your skin even a tad bit. It is not only graceful but sexy in its own sense. This latest saree blouse pattern looks alluring and gives a vintage royal look.

#5 High Neck Cold Shoulder Blouse

saree blouse designs 2018

High neck blouses have been in trend for so long that they have become staples now. Cold Shoulder Saree Blouse designs with high neck are the twist of this season for sure! Looks chic and trendy! You can decide on the length of the cut of these cold shoulder blouses.

#6 Princess Cut with Tapered Jacket

reshmi saree blouse design

This one is another fetch idea for people who love something different. The inner blouse is regular round neck sleeveless blouse. The jacket is a bandhgala jacket with cap sleeves and ends just above the waist giving it a trendy look.

#7 High Neck Patch Work Blouse Design with Net

saree blouse designs in kerala

This saree blouse design with net is a masterstroke of sexy yet graceful design. The high neck and elbow sleeves look chic and the sheer back with patchwork looks ravishing.

#8 Net Embroidered Back

saree blouse designs latest


While we are on the topic of sheer back blouses, this option is a very regal and intricate one to opt for. The neck need not be high neck but enough to show off the embroidery done on the sheer back looking stunning.

#9 Halter-Neck Blouse Design for Sassy Look


saree blouse

Halter-neck blouses with deep and plunging neckline are a favorite of Bollywood and so are ours. But only a few have the confidence to carry it with style. A very sexy and alluring option but needs to be worn with utmost care so that it does not look vulgar! This Saree Blouse design back and neck is for all those ladies who want to flaunt a sassy look!

#10 Off Shoulder Blouse Design for Sarees and Lehengas

saree blouse designs for 2018

A chic and trendy design, this blouse is everything that can make you look like a diva at any event. The off-shoulder saree blouses are very much in trend and here to stay for a long time.

#11 Front Halter Neck Blouse Design

saree blouse design

Halter-neck saree blouse designs are such a rage that designers have found different options of halter neck blouse. This one is not a regular halter neck blouse, it is a combination of noodle-strap blouse and halter neck blouse.

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#12 High Neck With Long Slit

saree blouse design for party wear

This one is a regular high neck blouse design but the twist is that the back slit is not round or oval but a long sling. It looks dapper when worn with sequined sarees. Just the right amount of skin is shown from this blouse.

#13 Collared High Neck Blouse

party wear saree blouse designs

A very stylish and safe option for people who don’t want to take risks! The collar looks accentuating with the matka shaped design at the front. It gives enough space for that beautiful pendant/necklace to be shown off.

#14 Sheer Back with Embellishment at the Back

saree blouse design back

A saree blouse design in pattu is what a bride needs in her trousseau before she sets out for her wedding ceremonies. The heavy embroidery on the sleeves and the sheer back with the embellished embroidery look mind-blowingly beautiful. The embroidery on the edges adds to the charm.

#15 Peplum Blouse

georgette saree blouse design

A girly and ravishing option to be considered while wearing lehenga, this blouse is a new entrée.

The odds are in favor and the style gurus are going gaga over it. You will love it for its westernized look for the Indian ethnic attire.

#16 Boat Neck Sleeveless Blouse Design

silk saree blouse design

The usual boat neck blouses have become a regular and needed an upgrade. So here it is! A sleeveless version of boat neck blouses is making the rounds with all the stylists.

#17 Maggam Blouse Design with Embroidery

maggam saree blouse design

This maggam blouse is a very decent and not very gaudy. The peacock feather embroidery makes it all the more sizzling.

#18 Choker Neck Cup Sleeves Blouse

latest saree blouse design

A very sober design with minimum exposure to skin, Saree blouse design looks great with sarees that have geometric prints. This is a favorite among people who want minimum hassles while wearing sarees.

#19 Collared Blouse

saree blouse design with border


The V-neck collars on this silk saree blouse design in black are very beautifully crafted and look very sober. A great option to be worn with silk or cotton sarees!

#20 Round Neck with Full Sleeves

saree blouse patterns

This vintage saree blouse design looks every bit sensuous even though it shows minimum skin. For those who do not feel like going for sleeveless blouses, this is one option that will look fancy and trendy. Also, for those times when you haven’t been to a parlor for a considerable amount of time and can’t step out without covering your body hair with clothes – this blouse is a perfect option! 😉

#22 Accessorized Back


latest saree blouse designs

A Sri Lankan blouse design trend, this one was up for grabs as soon as it came in the market. Keep the back of the blouse deep and then accessorize it with beaded laces. Looks dapper!

#23 Flared or Trumpet Sleeves


saree blouses designs

A young trend, flared sleeves are now getting a place in every wardrobe quite speedily. Properly fitted sleeves till the elbow, turns into flares which looks very chunky and appealing.

#24 Small & Multi Ruffled Sleeves

saree blouse design images

Multi ruffles have made it to the red carpet and that too with a bang. You might not want to miss out on this particular fashion trend.

The trumpet sleeves are a thing and though the big flares may look attractive but might not be hassle-free when you have a field day. So, for those days, you can opt for designs with small ruffles and look equally trendy ☺.

#25 Kurti Style Saree Blouse Design

kurti style saree blouse design

Short blouses showing the midriff have n number of variants and designs. But for those who do not want to show their stomach, this is one of the few options available and a beautiful one!

You will love the comfort and style this saree blouse design gives.

#26 Choker Neck Front Slit Blouse

saree blouse design new

A different take on the slits, this blouse has a slit in the front rather than the back. The choker neck makes it all the more alluring.

#27 Strapped Sleeves

saree blouse designs new

The strapped sleeves saree blouse designs are bliss for women with toned arms and back. They can show off their curves and look hot in this gorgeous style.

#28 Cut Work & Crochet Work

saree blouses

The net sleeves with cutwork embroidery at the back or crochet back looks mesmerizing and fashionable.

#29 Off-Shoulder Ruffled Blouse

saree blouse designs new

A hot pick for lehenga, off-shouldered blouse with ruffled sleeves, this style is every bit fashionable and chic.

#30 High Neck Three Fourth Sleeves

saree blouse designs 3/4 sleeves

Yes, we know this is not relatively new design but it is worth mentioning as it is still in trend and very actively chosen by girls and ladies both. Thus, this saree blouse designs 3/4 sleeves is a must-have in your wardrobe if you still don’t have it!

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#31 Princess Cut Blouse Design with Layers


designer blouse designs for sarees

Princess cut blouse isn’t new to the fashion world but this design is. The collared neck with a stylish upturned V-slit looks enchanting with the normal U-neck blouse at the bottom completing the design.

#32 High Neck Sleeveless Blouse

high neck sleeveless saree blouse design

High neck blouses with elbow sleeves are very common but a sleeveless option in the same is not very regularly used. Try it! It will definitely win your heart when it will look graceful and pleasing.

#33 Sleeveless Corset Blouse With Jacket

corset saree blouse designs


Another pleasing fusion for the brides-to-be is this sleeveless corset saree blouse pattern with strapped, heavily embroidered jacket. Looks ethereal!

#34 Shirt Blouse

shirt style saree blouse design

A shiny collared shirt made of silk, buttoned up in the front and tucked in, but what’s that below it? A lehenga? Not a trouser? Great choice!

A glamorous experiment to wear a shirt over lehenga for which we are all going gaga over it!

#35 Back Tie Blouse Patterns

back tie blouse designs


One of the most preferred choices of blouse design during garba it is also preferred by stylists to be worn with some delicately embroidered sarees. You can try it and it will not fail to impress you with the way it will bring out your beauty ☺

#36 Balloon Sleeves with Slacks


baloon sleeves saree blouse designs

This one is again a Sri Lankan design but caught our attention because of its uniqueness. The balloon sleeves are embellished and accentuate the rich look of this attire while the whole blouse and the sleeves are simple and not embellished. This highlights the balloon sleeves and makes it look a bride-worthy blouse.

#37 Halter Neck Blouse with a Jacket

halter neck saree blouse design

This is a regular collared halter neck saree blouse design but it has a jacket to go along with it. This makes it very royal and artistic.

#38 Blouse with Capesaree blouse designs with cape

Capes are a hot trend selling like hot cakes. A deep-neck or a boat neck – either way, capes are in season. And looks like these are here to stay for a while.

#39 Boat Neck Saree Blouse


different saree blouse designa

Boat neck blouses are very decent looking and give a stubby and short person an opportunity to make their shoulders look broad.

#40 Off Shoulder Back Less Blouse Design

off shoulder backless saree blouse design

Not that an off–shoulder blouse design is anything new nor backless blouses are, what’s new is the combination of both. And a magnificent one must say!

#41 Backless Blouse Designs

backless saree blouse designs

Another backless option is this one. Speechless when we look at the design. ‘Drop-dead-gorgeous’ – that’s the word!

#42 Collared Neck Shirt Style Blouse Design

collared saree blouse design

A fanciable option for people who love to stay trendy and up in the game! The high collar like a shirt ups the oomph factor by a notch.

#43 Cup Sleeves Blouse Design

new saree blouse designs


An exquisite option in a boat neck saree blouse designs, the cup sleeves blend in with the neck design so well that it looks as if it was never there. How evasive 😉

#44 V-Neck Jacket Blouse Designs

designer saree blouse designs

The V-neck inner blouse has a ruffled look at the center point which is really different from the normal blouse. The collared open jacket does the work of charming us. A unique option for a blouse to be worn with lehenga!

#45 High Collared V-Midriff Blouse

v neck saree blouse designs

The highlight of this blouse is the V-midriff and the high collar. Both of them look alluring and stunning.

#46 Checkered Back Pattern

stylish saree blouse designs

A unique attempt at the back pattern, this one stole our heart for the sheer reason of its beautiful zardozi work and design. The elbow sleeves will make it look all the richer.

#47 Tapering Back Blouse

tapering back saree blouse design neck


The spaghetti strapped blouse with tapering back is a new trend and looks great with indo-western outfits. A splendid design to try!

#48 Bllouse with Koti

koti saree blouse designs

The blouses with contrast kotis are aflame as they look very regal and sophisticated with all the sensuousness intact.

A lovely design to add to your closet!

#49 Blouse with Tassels

saree blouse designs with tassels

Talking about an Indian ethnic fashion piece and tassels are nowhere to be seen – we cannot commit such a crime. So, we bring the coolest way possible to introduce tassels to the blouses.

A very smart piece for your zari embroidered sarees! Rock the next event with these typeblouse designs of 2018 and do let us know the feedback!

Watch out this space for some more delicious designs to savor your taste buds.

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