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Steps to Wear a Saree – Complete Method!


Everyone who doesn’t know want to know the steps to wear a saree, one of the most influential dresses in India! You will be surprised to know that Indian Saree is now being one of the most purchased items through the tourist when they visit India. It is the first choice of women in most of the occasion in India.

Nothing can beat the grace of a saree and if it is draped with perfection, no dress can give you such grace as a saree does. But the biggest problem every girl faces is ‘How to wear a saree”. And obviously for a beginner or a newlywed girl cannot wear saree with perfection. She always needs someone to help her.

So, here we have a great step by step tutorial which can tell you how to wear a saree in the easiest way without anyone’s help. Just follow the steps given here and you will be ready to rock in saree.

Step By Step Method to Wear a Saree

Step 1: First of all wear your matching blouse and skirt (which is also called a petticoat) with the saree. You can get designed a stylish blouse according to your saree as there are many patterns available.

how to wear a saree

Step 2: Now hold the plain and tuck it into your petticoat just near your belly button about an inch above the ground as shown in the figure.

how to wear saree

Step 3: Now turn around and wrap your saree across your waist and keep on tucking in. You just need to complete around until you reach to the point where you started.

Step 4: Completing a roundup, take a part of your saree roughly one arm length away from your waist and start creating pleats. It is about a size of the finger stretch from forefinger to the thumb.

Step 5: Make 5 to 7 pleats as required.

Step 6: After making pleats, tuck all of them into your petticoat or skirt and secure it with a safety pin.

Step 7: Now below portion of saree draping is done. Let’s go to pallu drape.

Bring the pallu towards the left side of your shoulder and under from the right arm. Secure it on the left shoulder with a pin.

Step 8: If you want a pleated look, take the pallu from under the right arm and start making vertical pleats (similarly as you have done with pleats in skirt portion) with the border being the first pleat.

how to wear a saree methods

These steps to wear saree were for a simple saree look. However, there are many saree looks which you can carry just draping the pallu in a different style. See some of them here-

Bengali Style Saree

how to wear a saree step by step

The traditional saree wearing style but still one of the most loved and stylish way to drape the saree. 

Gujarati Saree Style With Front Fall

how to wear a saree very easily

Feel the Gujarat Taste with this draping. Comfortable and one of the easiest drape.

Mumtaz Style Saree

method to wear a SAREE

The most loved saree! And still looks gorgeous. Mumtaz, the 19’s Indian actress wore it first in a movie.

Square Pallu Saree Style

how to wear saree easily

Another style of pallu with same saree wearing style.

Butterfly Pallu Saree Draping

step by step procedure to wear a saree

Also called Bollywood pallu style as Bollywood actress rose this draped style and worn by most of the actresses. Most sexy and stylish drape.

Double Saree Style

steps to wear a saree

The latest fashion and really gorgeous drape style! Untouched style for of now and can be worn with grace.

So, these were some saree draping styles and wearing steps. Hope this article helped in doing so. Pick one of the saree styles and tell us which one suited you best. Also, tell your trick of wearing saree in the comment section and help others to wear it more easily.

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Different Types of Indian Sarees

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