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Types of Cotton Sarees – Different Varieties to Try This Summer


Summer in India is brutally hot and clothing according to this season becomes very important because of that. Cotton clothes are the most comfortable for summers and the ladies, who wear sarees, different types of cotton sarees are the best options. There are many types of cotton sarees in Indian which easily resist the heat.

Cotton cloth is one of the comfiest fabric for summers. In India, many states weave their own traditional signature cotton saree.

Here, some of the best cotton saree varieties are given below as a list-

#1 Tant Saree

types of cotton sarees in india

Tant is a Bengali cultural type of cotton saree which is one of the popular types of cotton sarees. It has a crisp texture. Although there are various types of Tant saree is available on the market, the beauty of a tant saree can be seen when it has the starched crispness. It’s classy and comfortable.

#2 Khadi Saree

saree types in cotton

Khadi sarees are made of traditionally using handlooms and hand-spun cotton yarns. If you are keen on sarees, this variety of cotton saree must have in your wardrobe. Khadi Sarees which are made of the coarse khadi material are a big style statement now.

#3 Chanderi Cotton Saree

chanderi cotton saree type

Chanderi sarees are the Signature sarees of Madhya Pradesh. These sarees are a mixture of lustre, quality and outstanding prints. They mostly have conventional coin prints, Flora art, Peacocks and geometric designs in their different patterns. Chanderi Sarees are also made up of silk. It is also counted which is counted amongst the most beautiful cotton sarees varieties in India.

#4 Dhakai Saree

cotton saree types

Dhakai sarees have the origin from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This fantastic embroidery of Dhakai sarees is now widely replicated in Bengal as well. The traditional Dhakai sarees generally have plain thread work while the Zamdani Dhakai sarees have golden thread work.

#5 Sambalpuri Sarees

types of cotton sarees

Sambalpuri sarees are the unique as well as most popular cotton sarees from Odisha. These sarees have vibrant colours, but these are most famous for their pallu. It has tangled embroidery which is unique and makes the saree special.

#6 Kanjeevaram Sarees

different types of cotton sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees is the famous saree of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. It is known for its bold shades and radiant lustre. Kanjeevaram Sarees have different styles, some are with or without motifs and some are with small or large border and many more.

#7 Kotki Sarees

new pattern cotton sarees

Kotki is a Bengali design of cotton sarees that is characterized by its temple borders. This type of cotton saree mainly comes in muted shades. This can be worn as a day saree also.

#8 Bomkai Sarees

cotton saree hand embroidery designs

Bomkai is also a type of cotton sarees which is woven in the district of Sambalpur in Odisha. The entire saree has small dots of embroidery and also has a narrow border. You can try this saree also for a different as well as comfortable look.

#9 Pochampally Sarees

cotton saree embroidery designs

Pochampally cotton sarees are Ikat sarees from Southern India. They are famous for their patterns and colourful designs. They have traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style of dying.

#10 Jamdani Sarees

cotton sarees varieties

Jamdani is a specific type of embroidery which is done on cotton sarees. The golden threads are mostly used for Jamdani embroidery. Plain threads are sometimes also used in these kinds of sarees.

#11 Pasapalli Sarees

cotton sarees types

Pasapalli sarees have originated from Bargarh district in Odisha. These are known by their squared patterns, especially in the pallu. This entire saree is hand woven, and it takes months to create one  Pasapalli saree.

#12 Supernet Saree

varieties of cotton sarees

A type of semi-transparent sarees. Supernet sarees are one of the most popular sarees nowadays. These sarees do not belong to any specific state.

#13 Kota Sarees

types of cotton sarees

Kota sarees, also known as Kota Dori Saree is a unique blend of cotton and silk. Even suits are also available in Kota Dori in 3 different styles: basic, printed and zari. These sarees are woven in Rajasthan.

types of cotton sarees in india

So, these were the collection of variety in cotton sarees. Hope this list has helped you to choose a cotton saree. Alos, tell us in the comment section which saree do you like the most and why. Your feedback would be helpful for others also.

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