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9 Types of Footwear for Ladies Which You Must Own in 2018

types of footwear for ladies

Today, We are Showcasing 9 types of footwear for ladies which you must own this year, Once the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe said that a girl can single-handedly conquer the world if she gets the right pair of Footwear. This is true as we all know that, the footwears can entirely affect your appearance, irrespective of the dress you are wearing. So, here we will let you about the 9 types of footwear which the girl must have in her shoe rack for proper comfort and style as the days are full of hustle and bustle. Check the complete list of awesome 9 types of footwear for ladies.

Different Types of Footwear for Ladies

#1 Flat Sandals

types of footwear

Flat Sandals are the most used type of footwear. Going for a short walk or going out in summers for shopping or anything, put on the Flat type of Sandals for a classy look. This footwear comes in two style variants that are with or without buckle straps. A pocket-friendly and long bearable footwear for you.

#2 Ballet Flats

types of footwear for ladies

Ballet Flats are one of the most common types of footwear for ladies which gets well with almost all variety of apparels. This footwear looks stunning on Patiala Suits, Shirt with Shorts, etc. Tie your hairs into a bun, carry a bag, wear a denim shirt and short, and complete the gorgeous appearance with a Ballet Flats.

#3 Kitten Heels

different types of footwear for ladies

Kitten Heels is the footwear with the least height in the heels category. This footwear perfectly completes your saree look. Also, the Kitten Heels comes in both traditional and partywear style. The traditional kitten heels have an embroidered design as shown in the image whereas the partywear is mostly plain in color. One piece of this kind must be there in every girl’s shoe rack.

#4 Wedge Heels

types of footwear for ladies with names

Another footwear from the heels category. In spite of being in the heels category, Wedge Heels are quite comfortable to walk. This footwear looks stunning on both short as well as long dresses.

#5 Pumps

types of footwear and their names

Pumps are perfect when you are heading towards the most awaited party. The most preferred color of pumps are the plain colors, especially the royal black one. Also, before going out, get into the habit of walking with pumps as it takes time to get in the rhythm.

#6 Loafers

types of ladies footwear

Loafers with the one piece or high tops are another trending outfit. Generally, the one color loafers are preferred but when you are looking for the funky appearance, the multi-color loafers are the most preferred ones. Again, not to worry about the price, these are available at an affordable rate and that too with a good durability.

#7 Mojaris

types of footwear for ladies

Mojaris, also known as the Punjabi Jutis are among the different types of footwear for ladies to complete a proper ethnic look. With Mojaris, you can get a glamorous look that too in the traditional way. Perfect footwear for all ethnic as well as Indo western dresses. According to the trends, this footwear should be available in your shoe rack.

#8 Chappals (Kolhapuri)

type of footwear for ladies

The Kolhapuri Chappals are the piece for an ethnic look. You can match this footwear for ladies with almost all the traditional dresses. Other than this, the Kolhapuri Chappals are known for its durability, strength, and simple look. An easy to wear footwear for casual appearances.

#9 Peep Toes

different type of footwear for ladies

Another design which comes in both party wear as well as in the traditional pattern. Peep Toes are the new style trend which has changed the entire footwear market. Nowadays, from heels to flat footwear, all are changing and inhabiting the peep toe pattern. A good style which showcases the beauty of legs with a peeping toe out. New and unique look footwear, so girls must look to have this in their shoe rack. Also, the cost asked for this product is quite reasonable.

So, match your apparel with the above footwear patterns and give yourself a charming look. Stay updated with us. Keep visiting for more such stuff.

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