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Top 11 Types of Sandals That Every Girl Must Have

types of sandals

Sandals are the thing which comes in the central notice of people as sandals can mark your presence or impact your personality drastically. Also, it is the toughest choice to decide which is the perfect type of sandals to be worn with a particular dress. Other than this, the questions like which sandal to be worn at weddings or how the pattern of sandals changes with the height of girls or which type of ladies sandal is best for heavy dresses, etc comes to mind. So, for your better understanding of sandals, we have made the list of top 11 sandals designs which must be available in your shoe rack.

Different Types of Sandals for Stylish Women

#1 Tatami Sandals

types of sandals

Tatami Sandals are one of the primary choices of girls. This type of sandals on well with every foot size irrespective of skin tone. Tatami Sandals offers maximum comfort as it has the flat feet. Easy to wear footwear and this sandal pattern most comes with buckles.

#2  Leather Sandals

different types of sandals

The leather is known for its durability, comfort, and lightweight. It is always advised to wear pure leather on feet for the proper health of legs. No doubt it is a costly affair but doesn’t matter when comes to look stunning. Leather Sandals for ladies comes in all style and size formats, so buy one for you now.

#3 Wedge Sandals

types of sandals for ladies

Wedge Sandals are the perfect type of sandal to wear for all occasions. Generally, this stylish footwear comes in plain color which looks flourishing with short frocks or mini-skirts. Also, on some Wedge Sandals, you can find buckles too. Get your feet in habit to wear this before gracing the floor with its beauty.

#4 Flat Sandals

types of flat sandals

Our list of different types of sandals won’t be complete without Flat Sandals. Flats sandals are the sandals for full time as they are easily available at stores that too at an affordable rate.

#5 Kitten Heel Sandals

types of ladies sandals

Kitten Heel Sandals are the latest style pattern which makes to the list of top 11 types of Sandals. These sandals give you the semi-formal look so that you can wear it at both offices and parties. Also, Kitten Heel Sandals comes in the different size variants and color patterns that too at the pocket-friendly price. The footwear with smallest heels!

#6 Tip Toe Sandals

type of sandals

Tip Toe Sandals has the fully pointed toe end. The good part of this footwear is that it comes in both traditional as well as official occasion. The image reflects the traditional outlet of Tip Toe sandals whereas, for the office look, these sandals come in plain shiny colors. Tip Toe Sandals can be with or without buckles.

#7 Flip Flop

all type of sandals

These are the most commonly seen sandals. These daily-use sandals come in a large variety of colors and design patterns. You can put on these types of sandals for both day to day activities and for traveling. Flip Flops are easily available at the local stores at an affordable rate. Branded Flip Flop will provide you with durability.

#8 Stiletto

all types of sandals

Stiletto with embroidery becomes traditional wedding footwear under heavy dresses, whereas one color stiletto looks best with pants for the professional look. These are the perfect model type sandal heels with thin and high heels. Alos, you can select one for you from the variety of colors.

#9 Peep Toe Sandals


Peep Toe Sandals gives the freedom to showcase the beauty of toe and nails with a smalling opening at the end. Embroidery by hand will be an add-on to the beauty of this product.

#10 Jutti look Sandals


These Jutti Sandals are the best footwear to wear under heavy and traditional apparels. Say no to this type of sandals when you are going to the office. A unique type of sandal to have.

#11 Kolhapuri Sandals

types of sandal

The last addition to our top 11  different types of sandals for ladies that every girl must have is Kolhapuri Sandals. Kolhapuri Sandals are made of pure leather and is known for its durability, strength, and comfort. We call this vintage look sandals.

This list of different types of Sandals will definitely help you choose the perfect pair for different occasions. So, match your stylish apparel with these simple and trendy Sandals.

Hope you liked the list. Keep visiting for more such lists.

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