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Types of Skirts Which You Must Own in 2018


Check any fashion era and you will find the presence of different types of skirts in each one of them! The only difference that you will observe will be in size and pattern of skirts. Various types of skirts have allured girls and young ladies for ages. In the present fashion scene, you can come across a variety of skirts that are made in different styles and marked with fabulous fashion additions. Check out the unique types of skirts below and see yourself that which one is needed in your exclusive wardrobe!

Different Types of Skirts – Latest of 2018

#1 Off-White Organza Long Skirt

types of skirt

This stunning long skirt is made of off-white colored organza fabric. The semi-transparent style of these type of long skirt looks very chic and fashionable. The skirt has got a hem with wide volume at the bottom for free movement of legs. If you are looking for some immaculate types of long skirts, this one will do a perfect job. You can also try these type of skirts with long kurti.

#2 Pink Kota Silk Long Skirt

types of long skirts

There are a few skirt patterns which always make you look very delicate and beautiful! Long skirts with volume are quite comfy and give a captivating look to any woman. This pink long skirt is a true example for the same. The skirt is done in Kota silk fabric and looks very appealing in its pink background and blue-green botanical print.

#3 Bubble Skirt

types of mini skirts

Are you looking for stylish types of mini skirts? Check out this pretty and cute bubble skirt. Just as the name suggests, this skirt gives you a bubble shape at your waist. Hence, if you are too skinny and want to get a curvy look, these type of bubble skirts will surely help you add volume.

#4 Denim Skirt

types of skirts

Going to college or going out with friends? Try this too-fashionable denim mini skirt with front buttons and two square pockets. Pair up the skirt with a short leather jacket and sneakers to get that smart girl look! The all-time hit denim is never out of fashion and will look great in form of a short skirt. Try these type of skirts with party wear top designs for a classy look!

#5 Pencil Skirt

types of skirts patterns

Who says that skirts can’t be worn at workplaces? Well, a long sleek pencil skirt looks very formal and sober. The pencil skirt consists of close fitting and a slit giving you a fantastic formal official look. Choose colors wisely and pick navy blues, maroons, blacks and browns if you plan to wear these type of skirts at the office.

#6 Umbrella Cut Skirt

types of dress skirts

Umbrella cut skirts are best for designer tops,  have voluminous bottoms and they are ultra comfortable. You can wear the umbrella cut skirts in any season and on any occasion. If the occasion is festive, find out heavy and embellished long umbrella cut skirts and if it is a casual occasion, try a beautiful skirt like the one shown in the image. The blue and pink print of this skirt looks very appealing and can be combined suitably with a pink, blue or white tops.

#7 Gypsy Skirt

types of skirts with names

Women who love to look quite trendy in the skirt can try a gypsy skirt. These type of skirts can be found in colorful as well as monochromatic themes. You can pick any style as per your taste and preference. This particular gypsy skirt is made of wrinkled fabric and contains a superb appeal because of its graceful volume and astonishing frill style.  

The latest skirt patterns will simply make you feel greedy as the more you will explore, the more catchy designs you will come across! You can visit Vasansi online to check out some of the most trendy types of skirts. The bright colors, creative designs and fashionable twists in skirts at Vasansi will leave you mesmerized!


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