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Different Types of Tops for the Divas of 2018


The winning combination of different types of tops and pants / Jeans, tops and skirts and other possibilities have always remained a coveted dressing idea among all women. A lovely comfy type of top along with any sort of bottom can give you a unique appeal and a comfortable feeling too. Today, you can come across a wide variety of different types of tops including party wear tops, casual tops, formal tops and more! We have showcased some trendy and latest top designs for you so that you can stay awake of the latest trends in women tops. Check many different types of tops including crop top below and decide which one is best for you!

Types of Tops For Girls To Own in 2018

#1 Halter Neck Cold Shoulder Top

types of tops

Different types of Tops with cold shoulders help you flaunt your feminine beauty in a unique and adorable style! The cold shoulder cut of sleeves will help you show off your smooth shoulders while the loose fitting of cold shoulder tops will make you feel comfy. The casual style of a cold shoulder top makes it a perfect fit to be paired up with jeans or shorts. The cold shoulder tops can be worn at parties and on special days that demand you to look unique.

#2 Sleeveless Tail Top 

different types of tops

Looking for a fashionable type of top with a trendy style? Try a sleeveless tail top with a smart neck and stylish hem. These types of tops with a unique tail pattern is a quite ‘in-fashion’ thing these days. The simple V neck and sleeveless style make it a cool choice for casual occasions.

#3 Top with Bat Sleeves

types of tops 2018

If you look for modish sleeves in a plain top, you can try a chic top with bat sleeves. The waistline of short loose tops adds a comfortable loose fitting while the comfy wide bat sleeves make any top look very trendy and captivating. The bat sleeves are making their mark all over the fashion world because of their amazing appeal and unique feel.

#4 Formal Top with Collars

different types of tops 2018

Look stylish at your workplace by wearing a superb formal top with collars and three fourth sleeves. These types of tops with jeans have a smart round collar gives an amazing look when you want to wear a simple formal look to your office. The pleated cinched pattern at the front and the loose hem give a lovely appeal to the top. You can wear the long tops by tucking them inside or by simply wearing the way they are!

#5 Stylish Crop Top

types of tops for girls

If different types of crop tops attract you, you can flaunt your stunning style in a loose crop top. A little above from the waist, the crop top is an ideal choice for all those lovely ladies who have got a slim waist. Crop tops are also getting popular with a lot of traditional attires too.  

#6 Top with Bell Sleeves

types of tops with jeans

Looking for an astonishing party wear top? Try a pretty top with the addition of frills in it. The frilled three fourth sleeves look even more attractive when they compliment the frill at the waist. The simply closed neck in tops makes a good choice for women who do not like deep necks in tops. The beautiful overall frilled pattern in women top makes them look very feminine and delicate. The frilled tops are a lovely choice to be worn with leggings, jeggings and even long skirts.  

#7 Kaftan Top

types of tops clothing

Create your own style by wearing loose and comfy kaftan top!

#8 Long Tail Tops

types of tops and their names

Get a cool trendy look with the stylish and captivating type of tops for girls which has got a long tail style. The tops with long tails look great with shorts!

#9 Asymmetric Top

different types of tops for girls

Who would not love to have an outstanding top with asymmetrical trails! Asymmetric types of tops for girls are latest in trend and alluring the ladies with their cool trendy style.  

#10 Single Shoulder Top

types of tops for ladies

Get a hot and charming feminine look with single shoulder tops! The wide overlayed style in single shoulder top looks incredible. Also, the single bared shoulder adds a touch of glamor.

#11 Top With Sleek Frills

different types of tops for jeans

Pair a smart long frilled top with denim and see the new ‘YOU’!

#12 Peplum Top

types of top

The peplum top is the most amazing type of top which works wonder in hiding your belly fat.

#13 Sober Top With a Short Tail

types of tops for female

If you love minimal designs in the top and looking for a plain sober top, you can check out the wide variety of short tail tops. Short tail tops give you the desired sophisticated look that you have been craving for.

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