The Best Use of Old Sarees


Want to know what is the best use of old sarees? Read this blog and find out how to use old sarees creatively. Sarees are the most loved Indian outfits. Our mothers had a great love for them, and even now, saree is one of the most picked fashion icons through Bollywood actresses.

However, with the changing trends, youth has moved to the latest fashion, and our beloved Sarees left in old boxes. But it’s time you can take them out from the boxes and try a mix of fun and practical ideas to recycle them and feel that love again.

It is also one of the latest trends in Indian fashion. Designers are combining two old sarees and creating a new outfit. You can also do this creation. Let’s see some ideas what can be done with yours or your mother’s old saree.

Use of Old Sarees Creatively!

#1 Long Skirt From Saree

use of old sarees

The easiest and the best use of old saree is to make a skirt out of it! As saree has more cloth, it can generate a nice flair for your skirt. It can be a simple, easy and stylish option. You just need to look for matching fabric and mix with it.  You can use free-flowing fabric such as Cotton, Georgette, Chiffon or soft silk. Complete this look by Zardosi or Sequin border.

#2  Jazzy Palazzo pants with old saree

best use of old sarees

A beautiful palazzo pant is also a great option to use an old saree.  Take out one of your mother’s printed cotton sarees and get stitched a super comfortable and casual evening wear.

#3 Anarkali Dresses With Old Sarees

best use of old saree

Anarkali dress with an old  designer saree is a fantastic option when you will see it stitched. Carry leggings and a flared dupatta. You can use pom-pom at the border or another fabric or lace also. Salwar Kameez from old sarees is a mind-blowing idea to make a worthy use of old saree. 

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#4 A Simple Straight kurti

use of old saree

Do you think, many of the above options are too heavy? No worry! You can get the simple outfit as well. You can try a straight kurti with any of the old saree. Even if you have tired of kurtis, it will make you feel one with a unique outfit.

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#5 Get a Beautiful & Unique Dupatta

the best use of old saree

You can pair a dupatta with you plain dress. The dupatta made with old saree gives a royal look even with a simple dress. Making a dupatta is the best use of old saree if you dont want to get into the hassle of stiching and designing. 

#6 A Kaftan Style Kurta

how to use old sarees creatively

The most comfortable, elegant and airy dress. Pick out some chiffon or georgette sarees for this style and get them stitched. Kaftan Style Kurta is so easy to sew that you can do it even yourself.

#7  Full-fledged lehenga With Old Saree

 using old sarees

For the coming wedding season, you must have some invitations to attend the wedding. There is no need to spend so much of amount as you can get a perfectly stitched lehenga at home itself. Get a full-fledged lehenga with your mother’s old saree and rock the party. To Know How to make a lehenga from old saree follow the link.

#8 Pillow Covers From Old Saree

creative use of old sares

If you think clothes are too complicated to sew or it takes too much time, you have another option to reuse old saree of your mother. Sew a cute little pillow cover for your pillow and use the saree for room decor. Aren’t they looking beautiful?

#9 Pretty Curtains From Old Saree

creative use of old sarees

Pillows are not the only idea for room decor with old saree. There is more! You can reuse the saree for curtains. See the above picture, do they seem like a saree from any corner. They are just beautiful curtains!

#10 A Carry Bag/ Potli From Old Saree

creative use of old saree The latest Boho style bags are now in trend. If you are also thinking to buy it, then don’t!  You can create it yourself. Just find a pattern online and sew it yourself. It’s effortless and useful as well. and using an old saree for this perfect is just a perfect idea. 

creative old saree usage

If you don’t want to carry a big bag, you can go for a cute Potli Purse. It can comfortably hold a phone, keys, money, and cards also. It looks perfect with some ethnic wear.

Apart from all these stuff, you can use old saree in the form of a scarf, wall decor, table cushion cover etc. Do you have any more idea which is helpful in the reuse of old saree?  Write to us in our comment section, also tell us about your creative edition with old sarees and let us know if these options were helpful to you.

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