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How to Wear A Crop Top- 10 Amazing Ways to Wear Crop Top

how to wear a crop top in style

Different ways to wear a Crop tops give the freedom to girls to look stunning in the most collective way. The crop top trend was initiated in the 1990s but was vanished in the 2000s, despite having any issues. But thanks to the new designer top design patterns that brought the old fashion back to you. Girls are loving the new crop top wearing styles as the new patterns are easily getting over a variety of apparels. But the question, how to wear a crop top in different ways still remains. So, to get the answer to these question, check the complete article.

9 Ways to Wear A Crop Top in 2018

We are Showcasing 9 amazing ways to wear a crop top, so now you don’t have to ask anyone that how to wear a crop top in different ways, just read and get to know all the amazing styles of 2018 to carry with the crop top.

#1 Wear Crop Top With Lehenga

how to wear a crop top

This is a classic way to wear a crop top with lehenga & will be the perfect wear for all occasions. Get the matching crop top and ready to rock. This will reduce the weight of apparel and easy to wear too.

#2 Wear it With a Long Skirt

ways to wear a crop top

Earlier, we used to wear the long shirts or flowing top over the long skirts. But the style has changed a bit nowadays. Now, the most lovable dress to have over the long skirt is the Crop Top. This combination can be worn at both traditional meetings as well as at parties. Every girl must have at least one set of this in their wardrobe.

#3 Crop Top with Jeans

how to wear crop top

Another spicy way to wear a crop top is Crop top with jeans is the perfect match for all occasion. Put on this combination in a QuickTime and rock at all places. If you are having a question that how to wear a crop top without showing your stomach? Then this is the answer to that.

#4 Crop Top With Ditto Pattern Skirt

how to wear crop top lehenga

When we generally ask people that tell us whether crop top is the traditional outfit or the western one. The answer would be western. But the new crop top patterns has changed the scenario, the crop tops are designed in such a way that they are also coming in the traditional outfits. So, when you party, wear the crop top in the way it is and when you have a family gettogether, just reverse the engine and change the style of wearing for a traditional look. So, we can say, one crop top can be worn in multiple ways. Our image perfectly resembles you about the traditional look of the crop top.

#5 Style with a Knee Lenght Skirt

how to wear a crop top without showing your stomach

This is another style variant, which you can go for. Crop Top with Knee-Length Skirt will give you an adorable look to your appearance. For the funky look, we say this is the one you should go for.

#6 Designer Crop Top With Designer Lehenga

how to wear a crop top lehenga

Crop top with embroidery is the newest arrival in the crop top category. Long embroidered lehenga will match best with the beauty of this apparel. This is a must try crop top design for a completely unique and attractive appearance.

#7 Designer Crop top With Leggings

how to wear a crop top at work

This is the new style variant of the crop top. Full length from the back. Also, with this product, you get the flexibility to change the look of the dress to cold shoulder top. A perfect designer crop top to wear with jeans.

#9 Crop Top With Denim Shorts

ways to wear crop top

Planning for a beach trip or at a party with friends, put on the denim shorts with the matching crop top for the mesmerizing look. For the curvy girls, wear a loose crop top for the perfect attractiveness.

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