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What to Wear With Palazzo Pants Indian Style!


Wondering what to wear with palazzo pants?? Summer season is tough and the biggest problem for the ladies is what to wear amid this season while is comfortable yet stylish. Without any doubt the first thing came into our mind is palazzo. The most trending and comfortable attire of this season. The soft fabric with loose fitting is perfect for any outing in this season. Palazzo Pants got popular in the 60s and 70s and once again this attire has alluded to the Indian ladies. An effortless wearing which has won the heart of ladies once again.

Palazzo pants are not pajamas, the right choice with palazzo pants gives you a liberty to wear such dress anywhere starting from the office to casual get together, chilling with friends, dinner party, official meeting etc. Seriously, this is the most incredible outfit of the summer season but right choice over such pants is important to showcase your perfect style. Have a look at some stylish pairs which can be style with Palazzo Pants –

What Top to Wear With Palazzo Pants

#1 Tank Top with Palazzo

what to wear with palazzo pants

Look at these gorgeous Bollywood divas wearing palazzo pants with the Tank tops, the most casual and stylish look anybody can have while going out with friends. You can also cinch your beautiful waist with a belt on the Palazzo.

#2 Palazzo with Long Jacket

what to wear on palazzo pants

Undoubtedly, long Jacket with Palazzo Pants has surprised all of us for the first and now this combination is the most trending attire in the Indian weddings, family functions, and some special events. If you are still wondering what to wear with palazzo pants Indian style then you must take inspiration from the Bollywood Queen Kareena Kapoor Khan to the cutest actress Alia Bhatt, this pair has trapped all of us.

#3 Palazzo With a Blazer

what to wear with palazzo pants indian style

Blazer is the best choice with palazzo for the office or business meetings. This adds a professional look in your style. Well, you can also add a little bit heels or wedges to add a more white collar look.

#4 Palazzo with The Denim Jacket

what top to wear with palazzo pants

I don’t know, how people stay away from denim too long. Denim Jacket over the palazzo pants is the hottest choice for the outings with friends. Neither more nor less, just perfect!!!!

Style a denim jacket over the tank top on the palazzo pants.

#5 Shirt with Palazzo

what to wear palazzo pants with

Nowadays, shirts over the palazzo are the most common and trending outfit in offices. To add a professional look you can choose the plain white shirt with a plain black palazzo and tuck your buttoned shirt into the palazzo with a belt.

#6 Single Shoulder Top With Palazzo

what to wear with black palazzo pants

Going on a date!! This might be the correct pair you are searching for long. Single Shoulder top over the palazzo pants is ready to give you a striking look making your loved one helpless to turn his eyes from you.

#7 Short Kurti With Palazzo


To catch a delight and pretty look, you can pair short kurtis over the palazzo pants. Simple, comfortable yet stylish look anyone can have in there wardrobe this summer season.

#8 Balloon Top With Palazzo

to wear with palazzo pants

Balloon tops are the best combination to hide your belly fat over the Palazzo Pants.  

#9 Peplum Top with Palazzo

what to wear on with palazzo pants

Ruffle top is also one of the best choices to wear with Palazzo Pants. Going shopping, or dinner with friends, this pair will not disappoint you.

#10 Ruffle Sleeves Tops with Palazzo

what to wear on palazzo

Ruffle sleeves are very much in trend these days. You can pair ruffle sleeves top with the palazzo pants to carry some funky look.

#11 Crop Top with Palazzo

crop top to wear with palazzo pantsCrop Top is also one of the best choices to wear with palazzo pants. This pair can be worn in any event or office. Look at the picture and create your own style.

#12 Lace Top with Palazzo

top to wear with palazzo pants

Girls who are looking for a pretty and charming look, your search must have ended here. Lace Tops are just perfect to delight you with a pretty and feminine look.  

#13 Pochu with Palazzo

what to wear with palazzo pant

Are you surprised, how pochu could be pair with palazzo? Look at the above picture and you will get to know how pochu can be style with palazzo pants.

#14 Off-shoulder Top with Palazzo

what to wear with palazzo pants 1

Off-Shoulder tops are the coolest pair to style with palazzo pants. This will surely add a glamour to your style statement.

#15 Bell Sleeves with Palazzo

what to wear with palazzo pants 2

Comfortable pants along with comfortable sleeves. Bell sleeves over the palazzo pants will give you an eye-catching look and surely made all the heads turn over you.

#16 Plain White Top with Palazzo

what to wear on palazzo pant

If you are wondering what to wear with a black palazzo then this simple white crop top is the best option we can suggest.

#17 Off-Shoulder Knot Top with Full Sleeves

what to wear on palazzo pant 2

OMG!! This pair must have listed on the top. Girls, are you ready to stunned everyone with your prepossessing look? Then surely try this off-shoulder full sleeves designer top with a knot in between over the palazzo pants.

#19 Long Kurta with Palazzo Pants

what to wear with crop top

Long kurtis with the palazzo pants have truly won the Indian hearts. This is the soberest and winning combination.

Hope you like the above article and now get an idea what to wear with palazzo pants. For more such interesting pairs, visit the vasansi website and shop for your favorite one.

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