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XXL Size Lehenga Designs for Plus Size Women

xxl size lehenga

Today we are showcasing XXL Size Lehenga Designs for Plus Size Women. Every bride’s ultimate wish is to step down the aisle looking like an Indian goddess. She starts undergoing the process of beauty enhancement months before her D-day and shopping of Bridal Lehengas is one of the most important task for every Bride..

There is a particular image in every girl’s mind when it comes to her wedding which is perfect 36-24-36 figure and how stressful it can be for our beautiful voluptuous bride is unimaginable!

First of all, ladies do not get obsessed with these unrealistic numbers, second of all let’s embrace and love every inch of your body and ooze out the natural glow from within.

Coming back to the agenda of getting a perfect wedding attire for your special day should not be anything less than fun and easy.  Looking flawless on your day is just a matter of carefully selecting a perfect silhouette, design and color combination that will enhance your look.

We have taken the responsibility of taking the pressure off from your shoulder this time and packed this article with all the lehenga designs, draping styles and other details that will not help you on your special day but also in a long run.

So let’s get started!

We want to begin this article with a brief introduction of the most common female body types.

Body Types

#1 Apple Shaped

Women with Apple shaped body would have broader shoulders and bust than hips.

Strong Point: Your lean legs

Weak Point: Upper body

#2 Banana, or straight (rectangular)

You would have your waist almost the same width to your shoulders bust and hips.

Strong Point: One of the easier body types to dress, many models tend to have this body type.

Weak Point: Broader waist and little to no curves.

#3 Pear, Spoon, or Bell (Triangle Upwards)

Upper body is smaller than the lower body.

Strong Point: Upper body

Weak Point: Your butts and thighs

#4 Hourglass (Triangles Opposing, Facing Inwards)

Women with hip and bust nearly equal in size with a narrow waist.

Strong Point: Your thin waist

Weak Point: There is no particular weak point

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XXL Size Lehengas for Plus Size Women & Healthy Brides

#1 Pastel Green Peplum Lehenga

Pastels colors are quite in fashion and best in the lehenga designs for healthy brides. So those who are afraid of wearing light colors may want to try wearing a lehenga in a stylish way.

With an elaborated embroidery top in peplum design paired with the flared net skirt is something that a true fashion lover would love to own it for her wedding.

It is ideal for all the curvier women as the peplum gives a curve to all body types. Best suitable for apple and straight body type.

Lehenga Designs for plus size ladies

#2 Red Lehenga with Small Boota Work

Red is always a number one choice for a bride to be. Since we want to balance out and not look bulky, here is red lehenga with small boota .

You can also go for the intricate embroidery all over. Since it is a dark shade pick the dupatta which is contrasting to the lehenga.

Saree style draping with lehenga will accentuate your waistline, hence anyone can adorn this look flawlessly. Best Suitable for ladies blessed with Hourglass shaped body.

xxl lehenga designs

#3 Ivory Lehenga with Contrasting Dupatta

Well, we have picked this lehenga more for its work and draping than the color and silhouette.

Full sleeves blouse with the contrasting orange dupatta draped in traditional south Indian style or half saree makes it ideal for women who have the heavier upper body or apple shape.

So those pretty ladies who wish to wear light colors can take an inspiration from this.

xxl lehenga

#4 Pink Lehenga with Geometrical Designs

How can we forget the pretty pink color lehenga when we are talking about the pretty brides?

Raw silk lehenga featuring the geometric embroidery is a great pick for the women who are looking for the contemporary design.

Women with pear shape body or straight body can drape the dupatta as shown in the image to balance out the proportions.

lehenga designs for heavy brides

#5 Maroon Velvet Lehenga

This maroon lehenga is best suited to the beautiful brides who want to wear dark maroon which is a traditional bridal color.

Featuring the half detailed embroidery and big bootas at the bottom makes it so exquisite.

To strike a diva look, drape the dupatta like a saree. Tuck the one end loosely at the back and this makes it suitable for the women with apple, rectangle, and hourglass body shape.
lehenga for plus size

#6 Designer Yellow Jacket Lehenga

Jackets suit all body shapes but it is ideal for the women who have the pear shape while long jacket will be most helpful for the straight and apple shape body. This Fusion Lehenga Choli Design is perfect as an XXL Lehenga Design for Plus Size Women

Curvy or net jackets flatter all body types and trust is worth the every penny invested.

yellow lehenga for plus size women

#7 Wine Straight Kurti Lehenga

Straight kurti with lehenga skirt is also a great option for our brides who want to look strikingly beautiful and elegant.

The only thing to remember is the fabric of the kurti, it has to be soft and flowing and cinched at the waist to define it.

xxl plus size lehenga designs

Few More Tips


Always pick the fabric which is soft and flowy, hugs your body without sticking like, georgette, chiffon, soft silk etc

#Blouse design

Blouse design matters a lot over your body. Apple shaped ladies should never go with sleeveless and belted blouse because their upper part is heavier and this pattern can make them look heavier. Instead, they should go for three fourth sleeves or longer sleeves blouse designs.


Though dark colors always the best for the curvy woman but if you want to wear light colors then add some contrasting colors too.

You can also choose monochrome colors. The best way is to use the combination of light and dark.

#Embroidery and Print

Try choosing small to medium size prints and motifs and embroidery too. Heavy work and big bootas can make you look heavy, hence be careful while choosing such outfits.

Hope you like this article, stay in tune for more such flawless designs and useful information.

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